Our Mission

Established manufacturing processes, which are subject to constant improvement in the sense of our quality management system, are one of the core tasks of Senova and are the basic prerequisite for the scalable and reproducible production of new applications.

The transfer of immunological detection methods to LFA technology and the joint development of individual and innovative solutions for other applications are accompanied by extensive experience in technology, implementation of ideas and knowledge of the European market launch.

Establishing promising and at the same time innovative technologies has been part of the basic idea of ​​Senova from the start. The constant critical questioning of proven methods, as well as a constant curiosity leads to openness to new ideas and allows us to successfully support your project with lots of creativity and new approaches.

As a manufacturer, Senova is the interface to bring clinically relevant, high-quality products ready for sale to the market. A good network with our research partners helps us to continuously develop the LFA technology.